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From beginners to advanced, from 1:1, to small or large groups settings, each practice is designed to give a balanced experience between physical movement and relaxation, whilst exploring different aspects of yoga that you can be utilised in daily life.

Alongside cultivating physical strength and flexibility through postures whilst listening to our bodies, we will learn breathing techniques that help calming the mind and relieve stress, or see how we can root ourselves in the present moment through short guided meditations or achieve a deep relaxation state through Yoga Nidra.

Attending a Love to Drum session is a powerful way to create, share and celebrate good vibrations whilst learning to play West African based drum rhythms in a fun, supportive and relaxed atmosphere. 


Whatever your ability, come and get into the groove and charge your energetic flow. Have fun and celebrate the beat and pulse of life.  The benefits are many including improved levels of concentration, musical appreciation and experiencing moments of pure freedom and joy. 

Sound and music are known to have an impact upon our sense of mental and emotional wellbeing, energetic level/flow and rhythm of life. The sounds we hear also vibrate right down to the cellular level of our existence and manifest as sensations throughout the body. The sound of gongs, frame drums, Himalayan singing bowls, crystal bowls, chimes and small percussive instruments have all been deemed suited to the creation of potentially healing sound vibrations. 


Where there is an identified dis-ease in a person's mind, body or emotions, sound therapy can help them heal naturally. This is achieved through the process of deep listening and the effects of musical entrainment that helps to ease the mind into an altered state of consciousness where work on the construct of ones dis-ease can take place. 


The benefits are many from deep relaxation, insight, stress relief, relief from pain, loss of ego, gratitude and a greater sense of compassion to name but a few. 


The method and techniques are based in the British Academy of Sound Therapy (also known as BAST) of which Simon is a graduate in Group Sound Therapy (Professional Diploma). This is a specific method that combines therapeutic sound and voice work with self-reflection, mindfulness and self-awareness. 

Attending a Love to Dance event is an invitation to stretch, dance and open up joyfully. 

Throughout the session you’ll dance and move freely to great hand picked world music with some facilitation as invitations to mindfully move deeper into the experience of movement as meditation. 


Dancing from a grounded base with an intention in mind over time has many potential benefits including a greater sense of self-awareness, release from tensions in the body and mind, and the transformation of suffering into joy. 


Whether dancing alone or with others, these sessions are designed to help us dance our way to stillness, where healing of hindrances to our human flourishing can take place. 

If you are in business and looking for a tailor made experience for the staff team or for private 1:1 sessions from any or a combination of our offerings 

Please send us an email.

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